Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Visualization Shouldn't Include the Word "Squishy"

Motherhood is humbling. My son is four-years-old and apparently four is the age of "saying the darnedest things". So along with cute phrases or mis-pronunciations such as "Mommy, look at all the American flags" (except he can't say the "L" ) he also has an acute power of observation. Today he wanted to go swimming so we changed into our swimsuits and headed to the pool. As I took off my cover-up to join him in the water he says "Mommy, your legs are squishy" Funny, funny, laugh, laugh and then he moved on to more important things like the bug on his towel (thankfully). Squishy, that only made me think of other places on my body that would qualify as squishy which led to a huge desire to eat some sort of sweet which I then thought would only lead to more squishy places, so I did abstain, and tried to visualize me being not squishy which is my ultimate goal. So motherhood is humbling, very humbling. A talking mirror didn't do Snow White much good and it certainly wasn't on my Christmas list, but I got one. Throw in a talking scale and a refridgerator that oinks and I have a trifecta of self-esteem. Oh, well. He loves me anyway as done my bouncy 7 month old baby. The day will come, I can hear it, when he will say "Mommy your tummy is so flat!".

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Katy said...

Cute, cute story! It leads me to think about what my son would say about my legs. So glad he can't talk! Stopping in from SITS.