Friday, July 24, 2009

Am I Boring?...I feel kind of boring?

I am new to the blogger world and my understanding of the blog was apparently very limited. I thought of as a journal, a simple page to post your thoughts so that is was I started to do. Simply (as my husbands calls them).. my musings. My blogs skills consisted of knowing how to do three things.... write and post, post a picture, and insert a hyperlink. Pretty basic. But I have been exploring the world of blogger and am feeling a bit........boring.

A co-worker's blog was a featured blog on the SITS blog and she let her friends know via facebook. That post led me to the SITS blog and through exploring their page led to a whole world of blogger I didn't know existed. Decor, poetry, motherhood, literature.. anything imaginable and I was floored.

I went back to my page and felt a little inadequate. "I need to post a some pictures. How do they get three columns? Where did they get all those cool buttons? Is the stuff I'm writing even interesting?"

A little insecurity can get the best of us, but like high school doesn't last forever. I am proud of my little start. My drop in the bucket of thought and idea. Maybe nobody reads it (except my devoted husband :) and that is OK. They are my thoughts and this is a place to put them and that itself is empowering.

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merja said...

I think it's going alright Barbara!