Sunday, October 30, 2011

Crafting the Stress Away

One upside to the horrendous schedule my school district has imposed on me is to combat the stress I have been taking time to do more craft projects as an attempt to melt the stress away. Since I can't afford a massage every week taking some me time to be artsy is equally as relaxing, at least to me. Here are two holiday projects I have completed recently.

The beauty of both these projects is that they used items that I already had on hand as part of my hoard. The fall board was actually inspired by the blogger at That Village House.The project was meant to be when I discovered three frames that I had gotten at a garage sale this summer in my garage. I had stored them away and forgot I had them!

My "witchy" plaque used items from a project kit I had gotten a while ago. I couldn't remember what the kit made! So I just used the items from it to make this. I need to take a better picture to get the details. I used a copy of an old photo. The girl looks like something straight out of The Crucible. A old dictionary page with the definition of "witch" and "witchcraft". I made a littel broom out of a twig and threads from the frayed burlap, basic crafting papers, stickers, and chipboard letters with glitter, and burlap strips. The antique photo mat I had in my stash of estate sale finds.

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